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My name is Jack Lewis, I'm an artist from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales. I mainly work as an illustrator, painter and comic book artist, Outside of my passion for art I absolutely love all things history and I've made it a goal of mine to  highlight the uniqueness of my home Wales. Its history, culture, story’s, people, places, language and mythology through my art. 

I studied Illustration Animation at the renowned Kingston School of Art in London, Were  i found many opportunities to explore my practice and how i could communicate through it. Most notably at this time I Created his graphic novel “Teulu”, which recounted my family’s experiences through the Aberfan disaster using bold, dynamic black and white ink illustration, translated in both Welsh and English. My work illustrating Tolworth Tower was also placed into the Brill collection at Kingston Museum as part of an ongoing effort to archive the landscape of the area, alongside many other artists stretching back more than 50 years. 

All  I ever wanted to be and ever will  is an Artist, I want to make till I cant then hopefully reincarnate and make more. 

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